Are you still using normal bin bags? I include in that also bin bags made out of recycled plastic.

First and foremost, I need to state that I am an advocate for recycling as much as possible, having said that, there are always items that just do not go in the recycling bin or in the compost caddy. How many times have you been unsure what goes where, or indeed if you are honest and admit it, were a little lazy and just shoved it in the household general bin for ease and out of sight. If the latter then of course we need to kick ourselves and get our act together, no excuses.

In short, there will always be a requirement for a general household bin and this bin needs a bin liner/bag, for hygiene reasons and also for managing the waste from house to the outside bin.

You are now faced with the choice of what type of bin bag you should use. Not an exciting moment I appreciate, but it is an important one because your decision here will effect environmental issues once your rubbish has taken a ride in the back of a bin lorry to the nearest Landfill site.

A normal bin bag (that is a non-degradable one) will sit there pretty, after having been squashed about by various Landfill machinery (then not looking so pretty), for years to come, in fact anywhere between 20-1000 years depending on the thickness of the plastic and various other factors. That is how long it can take for it to decompose. Unimaginable really.

Or, if you choose to go down the route of using a 100% Degradable Bin Bag, you can reduce this period to 12-24 months as that is how long it takes for the bag to degrade when exposed to the elements, see our blog “How Does TDPA Work?”

Together we can make a difference and it really doesn’t cost the earth (if you pardon the pun). At 20p a bag, the Evaness 50/60 Litre Swing Bin Liner with drawstring provides you with the tool to make that difference.