With the pandemic we have all become more conscious on hygiene within our environments and many businesses have implemented strategies and practices to keep their staff and customers/patients safe.

With progressive technologies emerging at a rate never seen before, we are delighted to announce the launch of the UK’s 1st Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial Grip Seal Bag which incorporates D2P an advanced British technology by Symphony Environmental, which provides protection to the plastic surface against microorganisms or viruses for the lifetime of the product and results in 99.9% Anti-Viral reduction after 1 hour.

This product is food safe but can be used in any circumstance where storage is required for items with a high transfer and touch rate, from person to person.

Particular usage areas are in medical, health and care environments, storing medicines, samples for laboratories, dental work. In industry or business the storage of components, fasteners, screws/nails. Keys in the property arena, to name but a few.

Test methods used in assessing the level of protection of D2P:

Against Bacteria: ISO 22196

(against both Gram + and Gram – Bacteria types)

Against Fungi: ASTM E-2180 and ASTM G-21

Against Viruses: ISO 21702-19 and a modified ISO 22196

Against Algae: ASTM D-5589


How does it work?

The Active Substance crosses the phase-barrier at the surface of the product, and biochemically deactivates the microorganisms – preventing them from replicating, and ultimately destroying them.

The antimicrobial effect against bacteria derives from the ability to disrupt membrane-transport by blocking the proton pump that energises the transport mechanism within the microorganism.

Viruses are neither prokaryotes nor eukaryotes because they lack the characteristics of living things, except the ability to replicate.


RRP £9.99 inc Vat and delivery for 1 x Box of  100 Grip Seal Bags 150 x 200mm.