The Evaness product range is an essential product requirement for any household or business up and down the country, moreover the more environmentally friendlier nature provides the better alternative to any existing products presently available.

As is well documented in the news and press, consumer awareness on environmental and sustainable issues has gained momentum and consumers increasingly enquire, seek-out and opt for products that can assist in their plight to be environmentally friendlier. The plastic waste topic has maintained prominence on social media and the news.

A survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex explored “eco-conscious consumerism” which focused on the consumers attitude towards eco-friendly products and their purchasing decisions. 80% stated that they make eco-friendly brand choices because they care about the future of the planet, or because they think we should be respectful of the other living creatures in our environment. (source GlobalWebIndex)

The Evaness product range fits directly into this category that the consumer demands in today’s market. We all need bin bags for our household or office waste, there are no alternatives. Food/Freezer Bags and Cling Film do have alternatives (such as reusable Tupperware for example) but the consumer from a practical viewpoint still takes preference over these, so an alternative environmentally friendlier product is desirable on all counts.

This gap is filled by the full range of Evaness products which are high quality and have been tested for practical endurance.

All of Evaness products are manufactured from polymer that has been infused with a non-toxic food safe prodegradant (either EPI-TDPA or D2W) that degrades the plastic over an accelerated period and allowing the secondary stage of continual biodegradation to set in. Some of Evaness products are also manufactured with a high content of recycled material. There is a continuing program of adding product lines to the range, with Compostable Bags made from Cornstarch and the UK’s 1st Anti-Viral Bags out in May 2021

With an ever-increasing online customer base, Consumable Supplies Ltd the brand-owner of Evaness has decided to make the Evaness range available for promotion via the Evaness Affiliate Program and also via  independent sales agents in the form of Home Business opportunities, leading the way to make products available to end customers via a more personal approach. People buy off people they like and engage with and trust.

Consumable Supplies are enrolling Affiliates, such as Influencers, people with a good Social Media following and businesses with synergistic products and services as well as  Independent Sales Agents nationwide to engage and be part of this growth opportunity. Even the Lockdown has seen no abating in the demand for our products, after all bin liners, freezer bags and clingfilm are essential products for all households and needing replenishing month after month, offering Affiliates and Sales Agents the opportunity to develop an ever growing  recurring income stream.


How does it work?

  • You do not need to buy or stock any product.
  • There is no risk for you.
  • You can operate this business from home, in your spare time or as a full time business, it is up to you.
  • There are no sales targets or any pressure at all.
  • As with any business, you get what you put in.
  • The Evaness Affiliate Program is free. Independent Sales Agents, do however, need to invest £19.99 in a starter pack which includes one full sample of each product so you can show people what they will be receiving, a loose sample of the bags so you can show what they are like, 2 x A3 Posters that you can use if you have a place to display them (eg a school, sports club, work etc) where you think you can gain custom and 50 x A5 Cards where you can write your name and contact details on to hand out and you will also become an Affiliate which gives you a nation wide reach.
  • Sales Agents will get access to our online wholesale website area where you can login to place your customers orders. Affiliates will be able to monitor the sales via the online Affiliate Area.
  • Sales Agents will be given a Square Up account login where you can process your customers payments securely via your smartphone/tablet or computer.
  • You will also be entitled to register on our Affiliate Program whereby you can earn commission via social media and email referrals via your exclusive Affiliate links and you can do this nationally from the comfort of your desk.


How do you make money?

  • You engage with your family, friends, work colleagues, your wider community, businesses and whoever you want. Everyone uses these products but they may be using conventional plastic consumables, and you can offer the more environmentally friendlier biodegradable alternative.
  • If your customer wants to buy, you login to your online wholesale account, enter the order and take payment via Squareup .
  • The order and payment gets directly fed through to our HQ where the order will be processed and the parcel sent via Hermes directly to your customer.
  • You can earn a 15% commission per sale and your transactions are registered on our online system. At the end of the month we will notify you with your commission earned and you will send us an invoice for that amount which we will duly pay direct into your bank account.
  • You can also earn between 5 – 20% via the Affiliate Program and track your earnings via your Affiliate login. Your Affiliate earnings are forever and provide you with a residual income stream.


Who are your potential customers?

  • Family and Friends
  • Neighbours
  • People within your community and work colleagues
  • Schools
  • Dentists
  • Medical Centres
  • Restaurants
  • Any businesses

The beauty about these products is that everyone is your customer, we all use them everyday. We have all sizes and types to suit everyone’s needs.


How can your business grow?

With a high customer satisfaction rate our customer retention rate is over 80% for our online business. But as you are customer facing and can show samples, your retention rate should be even higher, so when it comes for a customer to replenish their products, they are highly likely to want to re-order. So over time your customer base will grow and so will your income.

Even more interesting is that if one of your customers re-orders directly from us via our website, our accounting system will detect that this is a re-order from your customer and will automatically allocate the commission to you. This way you can build a large customer base that can self-service and you will still be making an income.


How can I start?

  • Email me (Zamir Borg-Mirza) on stating that you are interested in becoming an Independent Sales Agent. Affiliates can register directly via the Affiliate Area on our home page.
  • You will receive a return email with our terms and conditions and a guide how to register yourself online.
  • Once you have registered, we will approve your registration and make you live.
  • We will confirm by email that you are live on our online Wholesale Ordering system and that we have created a Squareup payment processing account for you. You will be able to log in to the Squareup account via your computer or download an APP from the APPstore on your phone or tablet.
  • You can now purchase your £19.99 starter pack from within your Wholesale Account. Just login and you will see the Starter Pack as an option in the SHOP. You can process the order and make payment for this via your Squareup account. This also gives you a practical run through on how the system works.
  • We will send you the Starter Pack via Hermes which will then give you the tools to start selling and earning an income.


We look forward to you being part of our growth development program.