Evaness 100% Degradable Swing Bin Liners with Drawstring | 50/60 litres x 50 bags – only £9.99

  • The Evaness ® Bin Bags come in a 50/60 Litres capacity and are 63 cm x 72 cm in size

  • They are 100% Degradable containing EPI – TDPA, including the Drawstring.

  • These bin bags have been created to the highest quality and have been endurance tested with no leaks

  • Ideal for Home and Office use.

  • At Only 20p a bag and with 2 Rolls of 25 Bags each they are economical as well as eco-friendly.

  • The outer packaging that the rolls are supplied in is also 100% degradable and contains EPI-TDPA

A quality 50-60 litres capacity 100% Degradable White Swing Bin Liner with Drawstring, containing EPI-TDPA additive, which degrades the bag within 12-24 months when disposed of in the environment in the presence of oxygen and UV light/heat as per ASTM D6954

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