Evaness 100% Degradable White Pedal Bin Bags with Tie Handles | 20-30 litres x 160 – only £10.99

  • The Evaness Bin Bags come in a 20 to 30 Litres capacity, ideal for standard size pedal bins. (Not suitable for TALL 30 litre bins, buy the 50/60 Litres Bag instead which fits)

  • The Evaness Bin Liners are 100% Degradable containing EPI – TDPA, including the packaging it comes in.

  • These Bin Bags have been created to the highest quality.

  • Bin Bags designed for Home and Office use.

  • At Only 9p a bag and with 4 Rolls of 40 Bags they are economical as well as being eco-friendly.